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Hey! I just started following you and I have to say your blog is very informative and helpful! I was just wondering your natural hair color and if you have tips for going lighter because I would like to go to a honey color. Thanks xo!
madewithmakeup madewithmakeup Said:

Hey and thanks very much. My natural hair colour is a chocolate brown but I used to dye it really dark brown for years. It took me a lot of time to go as light as I am, I went through some really bad hair scares and plenty of tears to get it to the colour it is now.

You should go to a good hair salon and make it more of a gradual process, you don’t want to go light straight away and really damage your hair.

I’d say go a light brown and from there get highlights and build it up and then you’ll start to see your hair really change and the condition of your hair won’t be as bad!

Hope this helps :) xx

That’s right! It’s time for a new MAC collaboration and this time I’m so excited - Rocky Horror Picture Show!!

This collection is everything you’d expect with the Rocky Horror name on it - all about transformation, standing out from the crowd and being bold. There is glitter as well as deep, dark red and purple lipsticks.

Not to mention that it’s came in perfect time for my favourite time of year…HALLOWEEN!!

This collection will be available from the 2nd of October both in stores and online.

I CANNOT wait, I honestly think this might be my fav yet!! 

Natalie :) xoxox


M∙A∙C Backstage at Missoni, SS15 Milan Fashion Week

This is a completely unrelated post to anything in my blog but for those of you that aren’t aware, Scotland will decide if it should be independent tomorrow and I’m so proud to call it the place I’ve grew up in.

It has some of the most stunning surroundings and the people are second to none. We have so much going for our country and it goes unrecognised. For this reason, my vote will be yes. This video is just a short clip of why I love being Scottish.

Hi!, I was just interested in where you purchased the Kate Moss lipstick set, was it in the US?
madewithmakeup madewithmakeup Said:

Hello! I’m from Scotland and it was a travel set whilst travelling on holiday! I know it stated it was a travel set so I’m not too sure where you could purchase it!! xxx

Bought one of my favourite eyeliners again - Estee Lauder Double Wear. It’s just perfect for creating a solid, eyeliner flick. I love it!


M∙A∙C Backstage at Mary Katrantzou, SS15 London Fashion Week

Currently on holiday and found this gorgeous little Rimmel travel pack with 4 lipsticks, perfect shades for 30 degrees weather!


Backstage at Kate Sylvester, New Zealand Fashion Week 2014

ur just awesomeee !!!!!! I love ur makeup a lot keep posting
madewithmakeup madewithmakeup Said:

Thanks a lot :) xxxx

This primer is so good for the money, costing only £7.00! Argania beach spray is perfect for my hair on holiday, giving it protection.


Backstage at Malene Birger, SS15 Copenhagen Fashion Week

lovely blog! i'm a make-up artist and all of those fashion pictures, make-up tips and product reviews inspire me and make me happy! ^^ you got a new follower! :) xoxo
madewithmakeup madewithmakeup Said:

Thanks so much!!! Xxx

Asker avocadoharry Asks:
For hair toner, I use ag hair cosmetics sterling silver toning shampoo. it works so well, and you can buy it at ulta (:
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
On the subject of toner, a really good range for toning shampoo/conditioner, etc. is 'Touch of Silver', I'm afraid I can't remember the actual brand to save my life but if you type the range into amazon it should come up :) I hope this helps !
madewithmakeup madewithmakeup Said:

Thank you! This is actually the shampoo I use on a daily basis and it’s brilliant - it’s by provoke! It’s excellent for daily washed to brighten up blonde hair xxx