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Backstage at Amato by Furne One, Dubai Fashion Forward


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So much truth in this!!

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Backstage at Jayson Brunsdon, SS14 Sydney Fashion Week

Hello. I was wondering if you could recommend a drug-store foundation that provides good coverage for pale skin. I'm having difficulties finding a foundation that isn't patchy, as well as being very pale (since most ivory tones are still too orange for me). Thank you! (private)
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Yeah it’s really difficult to find a high street foundation that matches pale skin tones and provides full coverage. I always think it’s worth paying that little bit more when it comes to foundation to get the right shade matched to your skin and for the foundation to do everything we want it to.

Some decent high street foundations I’ve tried and liked though are: l’oreal infallible and also true match foundation, maybelline fit me foundation is nice but doesn’t really give that much of a full coverage and revlon color stay.

You could try go into a department store and get coloured matched for foundation and ask for a sample, it may cost that but extra but it is definitely worth it!


Treated myself :).


Backstage at Gail Sorronda, SS14 Sydney Fashion Week


Backstage at Alexandre Herchcovitch, M∙A∙C SS 14/15 São Paulo Fashion Week

Had an amazing time in Amsterdam with my lovely boyfriend!

Definitely need to go back! Such a beautiful place and the culture is fantastic. The buildings remind me of something straight out of a fairytale.

Already planning my next trip!

Natalie :) xoxo

Off to Amsterdam tomorrow, so hard to limit the amount of makeup I’m taking for hand luggage!!

We’ve all been there – coming home after a night out and falling into bed without taking our makeup off. But this naughty habit isn’t doing your skin any favours, so here are some of our tips on how to keep your skin looking peachy clean.
Cleanse your pores

This should be a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how few people prime their skin before bed. First off, remove your make up with a little petroleum jelly such as Vaseline – no more than a pea-sized amount – and gently wipe off with cotton wool. If you’re prone to oily skin, wash your face with a cleanser that contains salicylic or glycolic acid.
Freshen up your bedding
You may not think that your bedding can affect your skin, but did you know that an unclean pillow can make you break out in spots? As we sleep, our bodies’ natural oils deposit onto our pillows, which can clog our pores and cause pimples, so head over to to refresh your pillow case and freshen up your complexion.

Don’t overdo it
Exfoliating is great for the skin, especially dry skin to remove dead skin cells and wash the dirt away from the pores. However, exfoliating too often can have the reverse effect and dry out your skin, so make sure you only exfoliate once or twice a week.
Sleep on it
When you sleep, fluid can gather around your eyes, which could leave you prone to looking sleep deprived and puffy in the morning. You can combat this by changing your sleeping position – stack up your pillows to keep your head elevated, encouraging to fluid to drain away from your eyes, and lie on your back. As an added bonus, try sleeping with silk pillows to avoid waking up with pillow creases.
Keep moisture in the air 
This may be a luxury for some, but if you want guaranteed supple skin, try investing in a humidifier to keep air circulating around your bedroom and prevent your skin from drying out. Just make sure it’s filled up regularly, and invest in a high quality, quiet humidifier to make sure you don’t lose out on your precious shut-eye.
Wake up sun kissed
Did somebody say something about moisture? After priming your skin with toner, make sure you moisturise to replace your skin’s essential oils. Try a water-based moisturiser if you’re prone to oily skin, and if you want to wake up with a healthy looking tan, mix a little fake tan into your moisturiser. Just make sure you apply it at least an hour before hitting the sheets, to make sure you wake up with a streak free, beautiful glow.


Backstage at Johan Ku, M∙A∙C AW14 Tokyo Fashion Week 

My favourites.

Are you excited for Lorde’s mac collection which we will see hit stores and online in June? I think we can expect a lot of dark lips, dark purples and berry shades!


Backstage at Olympia Le-Tan, M∙A∙C AW14 Paris Fashion Week