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This is a beauty website full of looks, reviews, brands and things I find interesting. If you have any questions, ask and I will try my best to answer them all. If you like, you can follow.

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For hair toner, I use ag hair cosmetics sterling silver toning shampoo. it works so well, and you can buy it at ulta (:
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On the subject of toner, a really good range for toning shampoo/conditioner, etc. is 'Touch of Silver', I'm afraid I can't remember the actual brand to save my life but if you type the range into amazon it should come up :) I hope this helps !
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Thank you! This is actually the shampoo I use on a daily basis and it’s brilliant - it’s by provoke! It’s excellent for daily washed to brighten up blonde hair xxx

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I brought the Remington curling wand from amazon but the thing is I never used a curling wand before so when I used it to curl my hair it kept slipping of out of the wand! So can you please give me tips on how to use the curling wand I burned my fingertips and my chin by trying to use it :( btw I love ur blog👌👌❤️❤️
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I’ve got one of these wands although I’ve not used it in forever since my hairs a lot shorter now!

You should use the little glove that comes with the wand for your hand that you will be holding the hair down with.

Make sure you aren’t holding the wand too close to your scalp, you should leave a small gap at the scalp and put it up and away from your face to avoid the heat from the wand on your face/burning yourself!

I know when I used the wand, I preferred to just take the ends up my hand and curl them as it gave a more relaxed/loose curl look!



Backstage at Bruuns Bazaar, SS15 Copenhagen Fashion Week 

My hair is super light now! This is a lot lighter than what I wanted and my roots are going to come in so bad now!

Can anyone recommend any good toners to take away the yellow tones in light blonde hair?

Natalie :) xoxox

Corset training and I really don’t know how the Victorians used to do it, major props to them!!

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Love your blog, you are so pretty!!!
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Aww how sweet!

your blog is lovely! i really love your little reviews and everything. quick question: whats your holy grail mascara? (high end or drugstore!) thank you :~)
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Aw thank you!!

I will always love max factors 2000 calorie mascara and always end up going back to it. Benefit bad gal and they’re real are some more favourites of mine.


I have an obsession with buying new foundations! Got a new double wear foundation before I missed it and as much as I really love Illamasqua, you just can’t beat the double wear coverage.

New shade matched for it - 1n2 ecru.

Had to buy a new real techniques brush because I left mines in Ireland!


Backstage at Rimple Narula & Soltee by Sulakshana, India Couture Week  

Always a massive Liz Earle fan and this product is amazing for giving your skin the hydration it needs!!

Finding my skin quite sensitive and dry at the moment and using this beauty at night, allowing it to sink into the skin really it doing wonders!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi! Just wanna say u have an amazing blog! Thanks for everything I have a question tho What are the best drugstore makeup setting spray for dry skin ? I need some reasonable prices ones thanks
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Aw thank you so much, that’s lovely!

Urban Decay makeup setting spray is really good for dry skin as it helps hydrate the skin too but this may be a little bit pricey.

I’m not too sure how the MUA settling spray or the ELF cosmetics spray is for dry skin but you might want to check these out as they are excellent prices!

Hope this helps xx


Backstage at Holy Ghost , SS15 Berlin Fashion Week

Messing around and tried extensions in tonight - I’ve no idea how some girls do it, I just wanted to take them out right away. Props to you all that can fix them right and wear them haha!

Natalie xoxox