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Batiste dry shampoo range has just got one step better, with them introducing some dry shampoos such as cherry, wild, light&blonde and medium& brunette!

The batiste range is excellent, beautifully packaged with lovely 220ml bottles to suit what the shampoo is for, the cherry being the scent and oh my god, is it beautiful! With using the dry shampoos, it is so quick and easy, if you do not have time to give your hair the wash you know you should, you don’t have to worry with Batiste, take the product, hold away from your hair and simply spray! The product comes out in a white powder onto your hair, don’t fear, just rub into the hair and brush & you really are as good to go!

13 different types in the Batiste dry shampoo range, so one for all of us! Your hair will feel back to life, grease free and smell fresh as if you had time to give it a wash. I wouldn’t go without one of these in my handbag, really a must have item!

You can purchase the batiste range of dry shampoos at most of your local beauty stores, for example boots, superdrug, sallys and asda. It comes in around £2.99, which for these products is amazing!!

Have a little look out for the new range! - UK - US

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