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Face Contouring has the ability to totally transform the shape of your face. It can change the shape of your face and hide the parts that you aren’t too fond of.

It depends on how much you want to shape your face. You should at least use a bronzer 3 shades darker than your natural/foundation skin tone. When contouring, it is important that you blend it into the skin, so there are no harsh lines. When I contour, I put my angled brush under my cheek bone (If you do not know where to apply, put your pinky finger to your cheek at a slant angle and you will feel, apply on or underneath) and make a line then start to blend into my skin tone until no harsh line is left. 

You can do the same under your chin/around the temples of your face, contouring with the same technique as your cheeks, blending into the jaw line/hair line until no harsh lines are left. 

Face contouring can be described for you to understand in loads of different ways but for me, the best way to image it is, when getting ready to go somewhere and you don’t feel too comfortable in yourself, you may wear dark colors, this is because the dark colors help slim down your figure. The same applies to the face, by applying darker lines and colors, it helps give the appearance of a slender face.

Give it a go, play around and see if you can see a real difference!

Natalie x

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