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Love, Natalie x

I hope everyone had a lovely new year and are looking forward to making the most of their 2013! I know I certainly am and already, I know this year is going to be a good one. 

On a completely different note, so glad my hair is finally growing again, having short hair feels so weird as my hair has always been so long! Actually think my hair is basically back to the natural colour now, a chocolate brown. This:

(Amy will probably kill me for uploading this but it is just to show the colour of my hair right now. Also, how nice is Amys hair? Yes!!)

Thinking that in a couple of months I will go to the hair salon and gradually try to go for this colour:

A caramel kind of colour with highlights through it. I think it would go well with my skin tone and eye colour. What do you guys think?

Also, if you have any questions, ask away as I’m finally back on my laptop wooo! :) 

Natalie xoxox

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