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When to see steps on how to do your make up and hair, you would have to go buy your favourite magazine every week/month and follow the step by step photos! I remember always getting so excited and sitting by the mirror for hours trying to copy the photo’s which never turned out quite the way it should look hahah.

This makes me sound so old but I’m only 22! Oh the 90’s :).

So as you probably know, Maybelline launched their new range “Fit Me” around mid September, to be honest, I’ve tried Maybelline in the past but never been that much of a fan of their products, one of their foundations made my skin so dry so I stayed clear of them!

BUT, I was in boots and looking for a concealer because my eyes just looked really tired and dull a couple of weeks ago with the cold so needed a quick fix. Had a look at some of the brands and decided to give the fit me concealer a try. 

I’m really impressed with this concealer! It feels nice and light on the skin, not too thick and doesn’t feel cakey around the eyes. It is light to medium coverage, so really all you need for those parts that you want to hide away.The colour works really good on my skin tone (Light). Also found it really good on hiding my rosey cheeks, woohoo! Comes in 6 different shades and at around £5.99, you can’t complain with that!

I also gave their fit me powder a try just to see how it felt on my skin and I loved it too. It feels really nice on the skin, again, not cakey which is always good. It gives a nice matte finish when applying on over your foundation, good to keep everything in place nicely. Such good coverage! Comes in 18 different shades and is also £5.99, definitely good value for money.

Let me know what you think of the fit me range if you have tried it, I want to hear your opinions too!

Natalie :) xoxox

So it is that time of year, were once again, all the beauty trends are changing for the different seasons coming in and this time, it is winter looks!

This is the time of year full of celebrations and we are all in party mode, with Christmas parties coming up and New Year! Let us have a look at some looks that are in this winter.

It is once again, all about the eyes and lips, the two most noticeable features to someone’s face, well in my opinion anyway! In winter, you can always go that little bit more daring and dramatic, so I love it!

Cosmetic companies launch their A/W12 colours and you can see that it mostly dark greys,  plums, burgundies, deep reds and gorgeous chocolate browns! For the lips, we are looking at strong, bold colours from dark purples, to deep reds to even, blacks! ( If you want to be that little bit different then why not give it a try? I’ll stick to what suits me and that definitely isn’t black!).

Looking at the catwalks of A/W12, you will see that it is pretty much all the same, strong, striking and personally, I think stunning! We have saw Gucci, Anna Sui & Jason Wu show off some beautiful looks. If you don’t usually take some risks with your make up, this winter is the time to give it a try, you will not be the only one! 

Natalie :) xoxox