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So as you probably know, Maybelline launched their new range “Fit Me” around mid September, to be honest, I’ve tried Maybelline in the past but never been that much of a fan of their products, one of their foundations made my skin so dry so I stayed clear of them!

BUT, I was in boots and looking for a concealer because my eyes just looked really tired and dull a couple of weeks ago with the cold so needed a quick fix. Had a look at some of the brands and decided to give the fit me concealer a try. 

I’m really impressed with this concealer! It feels nice and light on the skin, not too thick and doesn’t feel cakey around the eyes. It is light to medium coverage, so really all you need for those parts that you want to hide away.The colour works really good on my skin tone (Light). Also found it really good on hiding my rosey cheeks, woohoo! Comes in 6 different shades and at around £5.99, you can’t complain with that!

I also gave their fit me powder a try just to see how it felt on my skin and I loved it too. It feels really nice on the skin, again, not cakey which is always good. It gives a nice matte finish when applying on over your foundation, good to keep everything in place nicely. Such good coverage! Comes in 18 different shades and is also £5.99, definitely good value for money.

Let me know what you think of the fit me range if you have tried it, I want to hear your opinions too!

Natalie :) xoxox

Hello :)!

Okay, so through running this blog, I am constantly getting questions from pale complexioned girls like myself that just cannot seem to find a foundation to match their skin tone! Whether it is going into a beauty store and the girls at the counter seem to think you want to look darker (what ever happened to pale and interesting, eh?) or the local high street foundations just aren’t cutting it, I know the feeling and that is why I want to just tell you about something that might be of interest or not heard about! 

Dainty Dolls is a make up range that is run by Nicola Roberts (those of you who aren’t familiar with that name - she is in Girls Aloud - which are/were a girl group here in the UK), who as a red headed, pale complexioned woman, has been through all the same foundation drama that a lot of us probably have. She was fed up of make up artists constantly making her ORANGE and never having anything that complimented her skin tone. 

She created a cosmetic range that has everything from foundations to lipsticks but with this, I just really want to focus on the foundations and powders!

I would say that all these products would suit a MAC NC/NW 10 up to 20, they are designed for a really pale complexion!

Here I have picked out:

Dainty Doll Liquid Foundation - Gives a satin finish to the skin, blends beautifully and is of a build-able coverage - 4 shades!

Dainty Doll Mineral Powder Foundation - This is a lovely mineral powder foundation, a great applicator brush, so easy to use and blends beautifully - 4 shades!

Dainty Doll Concealer - Dries down to a powder finish, Applies beautifully, very sheer finish, Not a creamy concealer so it doesn’t crease as much - 4 shades!

Dainty Doll Click Pen - Again, a really great product for a pale complexion, really good for highlighting because it is such light colours as well as hiding all those little problem areas - 4 shades!

 I know you can purchase these products from boots in the UK, Harrords and, I had a little look and can’t seem to find if these products are available in other countries but have a little look and you might find out!!

I think this is an amazing range, perfect for us girls (&guys) with pale complexions and I’m glad that the person behind the product knows what it is like and how difficult it really is to find a foundation ect to match a pale complexion!

Let me know if any of you guys have tried out the range & tell me your thoughts! 

Natalie :) xoxox