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This primer is so good for the money, costing only £7.00! Argania beach spray is perfect for my hair on holiday, giving it protection.


I purchased this product whilst I was on holiday in the airport. I wanted a primer that also reduced the rosyness of my cheeks and I had seen this around so thought I would try it. Plus, I thought the tube looked nice and colourful.

The formula has several colours in it;

  • Green tone to neutralize redness and conceal blemishe
  • Lavender tone counteract sallow undertones for a more vibrant look
  • Peach tone to brighten, illuminates and help diminish the appearance of sun spots

I was more interested in the green tone to neutralize the redness, that way, I wouldn’t have to bother with make up abroad.


This is how the product looks before applied to the skin. Although it does feel silky on the skin, like mostly all primers out there, I don’t think it does what it says on the packaging. I didn’t find my skin any different  - It didn’t give a brighter complexion and I didn’t notice any difference to my rosy cheeks. 

For £24.00, there are a lot better products out there on the high street. If you are looking for a product that does all these things in one tube, this isn’t the product for you and I wouldn’t waste money on purchasing it.

I’ve heard from a few others that have tried this product and said it has caused breakouts on their face, so if you have sensitive skin, I’d stay away from this product.


Natalie :) xoxox

Some of you may have heard me talk about Mally Beauty products in the past, one in particular being her volumizing mascara but now I have my hands on some more of her products and I just need to tell you all about them!

If you haven’t heard of Mally Beauty Cosmetics before, Mally is a make up artist to the A list celebrities from Beyonce to J-Lo, so it was only right she decided to make her own cosmetics yes? YES!!

I tried out 3 of the products from Mally Beauty Cosmetics Lovely range of products and I wanted to share my thoughts with you all!


This little product here is the Perfect Prep Poreless Primer. This is an amazing product for after you have applied your moisturizer and before you apply your foundation, concealer or powder. It is designed to keep your foundation lasting longer, looking fresher and all in all, look more flawless. This product feels absolutely gorgeous on the skin, gives a real silky smooth finish as it is a combination of liquid, cream, mousse and gel. It hides those pores that we don’t want anyone to see and just holds make up together amazing, leaving you to get on with whatever your day holds. This is one of the best primers I have used, Well done Mally!! It comes in at $35.00 for those of you in the US and us in the UK, you can find these products on QVC! 


This is the Liquid Face Defender and again, is beautiful on the skin!! This is designed to protect your make up and keep it looking as fresh as when you first applied it. It mattifies the skin and blends perfectly, you can wear this any way you wish to, before or after your foundation routine. I would recommend before as it will just make everything work better. This comes in at $40.00, which may seem pricey but honestly, if you were to try this, you would fall in love with it like I have. For UK, I will add the links to the bottom of this in case you are interested, you can try it out and fall in love like I have! Yet another excellent product!


Okay, so in the past I have been a major fan of Mally Mascara and once again, I think this product has only made that stronger! Ginormous Mascara - This mascara comes with a unique applicator brush, as you can see in the photo above, it is quite thick but has spaces which is designed to make your lashes even more longer than any other applicator. The product is nice and thick but doesn’t clump which is always a common problem with mascaras as I’m sure you all will agree! It coats over each lash and gives it the lift most mascaras only claim to do. I have really short bottom lashes and I found this applicator amazing to just coat them without it clumping and causing a mess! Step aside Mally Volumizing mascara, I have a new favourite! For those of you in the US, this comes in at $20.00 and is definitely worth every penny. UK again, QVC but I will include links at the bottom of this review for you all to have a little browse. 

Mally has definitely created an amazing range of products for all us woman to give a try. Her products are designed with each and every one of us in mind; with all her tricks of the trade in each little product made. I’m now 100% a Mally Beauty fan and I am so happy I got to try out these products.

You can have a little look at more of Mally Beauty Cosmetics on the links below and please do let me know if you purchase anything, I want to know what you think of it too! Hopefully as much of a fan as I have became!

US Site to purchase -

UK Site to purchase -

Natalie :) xoxox

Okay, so I am a massive fan of Rouge Bunny Rouge and their glorious products and my friends at Rouge Bunny Rouge have sent me out some goodies to tell all of you about! Exciting!

The Rouge Bunny Rouge Metamorphoses Mattifying Primer comes beautifully packaged, like all of the RBR products, a really luxurious brand. The primer is in a 29ml tube with a lovely design. The formula of the primer is thick, comes out and spreads very easily all over the skin, feeling very smooth. Once applying the primer, you can instantly feel your skin softer and it has a very velvet feeling to it - almost powder like too. The product contains meadow foam seed oil, which helps smooth those fine lines and wrinkles.

This primer really gives your skin the base it needs before applying your makeup. I would even say this could most definitely be used on its own, it is that good. Once applied, you can get on with your day and not have to worry about how your makeup is looking, this primer has you covered. 

I have really sensitive and dry skin and also found that the RBR primer helped hydrate my skin, I’m guessing it is all the lovely little ingredients that make up this lovely primer.

Out of all the primers I have tried, this one is definitely the one to beat. Rouge Bunny Rouge never seem to get it wrong, Well done guys. I love it.

The primer comes in at £44.00 and will last you quite a while, all you need is a little pump and you are good to go. You can purchase this beauty at

You should also check out their stunning website at & ofcourse, their facebook page that often have competitions!!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do you use eyeshadow primer? Do you think it's worth it? If so, which is your favorite? Thanks!
madewithmakeup madewithmakeup Said:

Eye shadow primer is always worth it if you want your eye shadow to stay in place, look better (helps colours appear brighter) and last longer. At the moment, my eye shadow primer of choice is Benefit stay don’t spray stay put primer.

Now, there are loads and loads of primers out there from reasonable to high priced but some people do not seem to realize that a face primer is a must have to keep in your makeup collection or bag!

Everyone of course wants their makeup to stay on the skin and still look freshly done, even if it has been hours into your day, so why do some people still not purchase a primer?

A face primer is a great addition to your make up bag as it not only prevents your make up sliding off your face halfway through the day, but also evens out skin tone and gives your face a healthy glow, so you could even use it instead of a foundation if you wished to do so!

 Some Different Primers & Prices:

Around £18.00

Around £15.00

Around £10.00